The quickest and simplest Comparison website! is a unique cost comparison site that recognizes not everybody has the time, or the expertise to sit and fill in on-line questionaires about their energy usage, or all the insurance policies they hold. It can be complex and time consuming and statistics show more than 70% of people that start these questionaires bail out before the end and never gain the benefit of the savings they were trying to achieve. That’s why most people don’t switch suppliers to save money. Because it’s in a drawer marked ‘Too Hard’

At Gener8savings we’ve made it easy. If you have the time and you’re tech savvy use our on-line service, we’ve made it as quick and easy as we possibly can. But if that’s not your communication method of choice, no problem. Call one of our comparison experts on 0800 084 2433 and they will talk you through the process step by step, making it as quick and as simple as possible and generating the biggest savings they can across a range of products and services.

And if you would rather not talk to someone in person at this stage then fine, drop us an email and we will email you back a list of questions. Just get the answers and email them back to us. We will do as much of the work as we can by email and then you can speak to us at the end if you want to go ahead.

You can even do this by post. Drop us a line and we will post the questions back to you with a stamped addressed envelope. Fill the form in and send it back to us. It’s that simple!

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Why We are Successful

  • Our website is FREE to use without obligation

    Our costs are covered by small fees charged to energy companies and suppliers should they ultimately provide you with products and services. We will never ask you for money directly. Our service is completely free to use!

  • We are completely unbiased!

    Our suppliers pay us roughly the same amount in each sector, so there is no advantage to us to choose one supplier over another. This assures our customers they receive unbiased advice and guidance and they can make decisions knowing there is no ‘hidden agenda’.

  • Avoid rogue trades people and poor quality products

    We only partner with reputable companies, surveyors and engineers that are accredited by industry standards and any specific accreditations by governing bodies such as OFGEM and OFCOM. For your own protection please do not use companies that do not meet these exacting standards.

  • UK wide network of suppliers and partners.

    We have worked hard to build a whole of market network of suppliers and partners in every sector we ‘compare’, so we can provide a service to every corner of the Great British Isles.

  • A great deal…not a good deal.

    Our whole of market approach guarantees the best rates and deals at the time of comparison so you are always assured the maximum savings available.

  • Compare major brands with innovative new companies

    With a whole of market approach you get to see deals from the ‘old guard’ like British Gas and BT, with innovative newer entrants to each market like Spark and First Utility, the fastest growing energy company in the UK.

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